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2014 臺北國際電腦展_其陽科技股份有限公司 Welcome to visit AEWIN in 2014 Computex Taipei. In 2014 Computex, AEWIN's topic is to explore smart planet with AEWIN. Internet of Thing makes people's living convenient. In the same time, Internet of Thing bring security issue to influence people life. AEWIN offer embedded and network platform since 2000. AEWIN's top network application partners are top 10 players in the world. We offer one series of network platform from Core network, Access network and CPE network.

In 2014, AEWIN offer Industrial Control device to meet IoT security requirement. Industrial Control device could be applied in smart grid end point and network platform could be integrated in control center to offer IoT total security solution. Welcome to visit AEWIN website www.exttms.tw or contact [email protected]

2014 Computex Explore Smart Planet with AEWIN 2014 Computex Explore Smart Planet with AEWIN